| 1 ~ Getting Started 

Pet and Wildlife Pastel Portraits

A retainer fee upfront of 20% is required along with photos, and a description of the portrait you would like commissioned to be placed on the waiting list.  The retainer fee is non refundable as you are booking a space in my calendar that could be used by someone else.  When your turn in the list arrives I will present you with a mock up of your portrait so you get an idea of how the original will look. When you confirm the mock up you can then pay the remaining balance. Once payment is received, I will begin your portrait. 

Reference photos from different perspectives will be a great help in creating your portrait. Sending several photos of your pet(s) including up close photos, as well as, full length photos. If possible, try to include photos that are on eye level with your pet. The best photos to work from are high resolution, but often I can also work from lower resolution photos. If you don’t have many photos of the subject, or you are not sure of what to send just send what you have and I will advise from there. Please include background color preference and a description of your pet, such as their personality, story, or anything you wish to share will help me bring your portrait to life!

| 2 ~ Reference Photos

| 3 ~ Portrait Proofing

When it is your turn on the waiting list, a mock up of your portrait will be created for you to approve. I will make adjustment to color, lighting, and background design/color to create a fine art portrait.  

| 4 ~ Creation

| 5 ~ Shipping

Once the mock up is approved, it's time for me to begin your original fine art portrait!! Portraits are usually created, finished, and shipped within a two month timeframe.  Please note that some portraits could take longer depending on size and number of subjects included. While your portrait is being created, I will send progress updates!!

Once you approve your completed portrait, I will ship it to you. The portrait is sent extremely well packaged and protected. Portraits arrive wrapped accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated both in the certificate and in the painting!



                     1 pet        2 pets         3 pets

     16x20":     525         575          625

     12x16":      375         425          475

     11x14":     225        275           300

      8x10":     175        N/A          N/A

      6x8":       125         N/A          N/A

Shipping is included within the United States on all commissions.  

Indiana residents add 7% sales tax.

A non-refundable retainer fee of $60 plus tax is due at time of booking. The remainder is due before the start of sketching.

(Prices subject to change without notice).


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